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30. 04. 2009.

Project status – April, 2009

The restoration project of parts of the ancient mine of copper, iron and gypsum in Rude officially finished on August 31, 2008. Within the project's framework, more than 250 meters of Kokel and Sveto Trojstvo pits were refurbished and 1500 meters long mining-botanical educational path with 8 information and interpretation boards and some 20 botanical tables containing botanical names of plants was established. Thanks to donations given from the Senovo Elementary School and the Faculty of Mining, Geology and Petroleum Engineering from Zagreb, the collection of some 150 different minerals, rocks and fossils was put in function in the display cabinet of the Rude Elementary School. Furthermore, 20 local tourist guides were trained for guidance of visitors through refurbished mines.

The main objective – refurbishment of 250 meters of old pits - was achieved, predominantly with the financial support obtained from EU funds. In order to make the entrance into the mine more accessible and to enable visitors to get insight into the broader part of mine underground, the Town of Samobor decided to carry on with restoration of additional 70 meters of pits. This decision was based on the main mining project prepared by the Faculty of Mining, Geology and Petroleum Engineering .

The Town of Samobor has recently invited tenders for additional mining works. The beginning of works on refurbishment of additional 70 meters of pits is expected in May. The restoration will be performed within the period of 3 to 5 months, depending on the situation inside the old pits.

Refurbished parts of Kokel and Sveto Trojstvo pits won't be accessible for visitors until the completion of all the additional mining works due to the safety reasons.


July 2008

  • signing contract for purchase info station
  • signing contract for purchase coats and helmets
  • prepairing and putting minerals in showcase

May 2008

April 2008

March 2008

  • signing contract for showcase

January 2008

  • tender documentation for identification plates for mineral collection
  • tender documentation for showcase for mineral collection
  • getting of location permission for sanation and renovating of the Mine

November 2007

  • Members of the FE Oštrc of Rude cleaned half the path of the obstacles (bushes) - Path is expanded, brushes are cut and other obstacles are removed

September 2007

  • 15 September
    Signing the contract for supervision of the mining works

May 2007

  • 17 May
    - Establishing Joint Project Board
    - First press conference held in Samobor
  • Visit to Senovo Elementary School regarding exchange of minerals for collections
  • Making contract with external members of Project team

April 2007

  • Starting with project documentation preparation for tender - Faculty of Geology, Mining and Petroleum
  • 19 April – Workshop for Beneficiaries on the project implementation
  • 26 April – First session of the Project Team

First session of the Project Team

March 2007

  • 9 March - signing the contract with Contracting Authority (Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Croatia, Department for Financing EU Assistance Programes and Projects, Central Finance and Contracting Unit)
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This project is funded by the financial assistance of the European Union.
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